blender wavefrontsensor pipingServer

while "forever":
    # get a line message form blender output
    text = input()

    if text[0:5]=='NIRPS':
        # if message starts with NIRPS, its ours
        text = text[6:]

        if text[0:4] == 'SAVE':
            # just save data without processing
            doSave(x, y, cx, cy, calCx, calCy, filename)

        elif text[0:4] == 'FILE':
            # set filename to save
            filename = text[5:]

        elif text[0:5] == 'PRINT':
            doPrint(x, y, LIMx, LIMy, cx, cy, calCx, calCy)

        elif text[0:4] == 'PROC':
            # Save data to Matlab

            # process light hits to find center
            doProcess(x, y, cx, cy, N, data, LIMx, LIMy)

            # save centers 

        elif text[0:3] == 'CAL':
            # perform calibration
            doCalibrate(calCx, calCy, cx, cy, LIMx, LIMy)

            # if starts with NIRPS but its just numbers, append to data (they are light hits)
            data.append(list(map(float, text.split(','))))

        # ignore blender normal console output
        print('[ignored]: '+text)