Can You Control?

Introduction: In Control Systems theory, State Space is always a nightmare subject for Engineering students. So is Math in general for high school and even undergrad students. In the latter case, people already figure out that they can help solve the problem with games. There are plenty of Math games out there. The good ones … Read more

Control Systems Virtual Lab

Introduction This post aims to present a tool that can be used by students in the area of Control Systems. The tool consists in a virtual laboratory that simulates several dynamical systems. The tool is a WebApp implemented 100% in Javascript (the simulator) and can be easily accessed at: iDynamic When you access the app, … Read more

Consciousness and Multiverse

Introduction This will be an informal post. It’s not going to be a technical one. I’ll talk about an idea that I’ve been having for some years now, but I never expressed it in a organised manner. I tried to explain to some friends but it sounds so crazy that nobody never paid attention (and … Read more


Introduction In this post I’ll talk about one of the most amazing algorithms I ever came across. HashLife. I’m a bit suspicious to call this one the most amazing one because it deals with another thing that I find absolutely amazing. Game of Life (GoL for short). In short, HashLife is an algorithm that speeds … Read more

Reading vector graphics

Introduction In this post I’ll describe a little implementation of a custom “format file converter”. Its a small python script to convert files in the Wacom WILL file format to SVG. Wacom is a company that manufactures drawing tablets. A couple of months ago I purchased a Wacom Bamboo Slate [1]. I always wanted to … Read more

Counting cells

Introduction In this post I’ll talk about my largest project in terms of time. It started in the middle of the year 2000 as my Master thesis subject and ended up extending itself until around mid 2013 (although it remained in hibernation for almost 10 years in between). The project was an “automatic cell counter”. … Read more

Doing better than Lego House

Introduction In this post I’ll talk about a small experience I had with a Lego set that I acquired on my trip to Legoland in Billund, Denmark (yes, the original Legoland 😃). I’ll not talk about the trip itself, which was the best of my life. It was so because I had the opportunity to … Read more

We take gears for granted…

Introduction Since I was a kid, I always loved toys with “moving parts”. In particular, I was always fascinated with the transmission of the movement between two parts of a toy. So, whenever a toy had “gears” in it, for me, it looked “sophisticated”. This fascination never ended and a couple of year ago when … Read more