about the author

My name is Allan Martins. I’m a professor at Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. I did my Phd in Information Processing (more specifically, Non-Euclidian metrics for Clustering). I Spend one and a half year as a Post-Doc at the Computational Neuro-Engineering Laboratory (CNEL) at Florida University in 2006. There, I studied Information Theoretic Learning (ITL) and contributed a bit on the development of the Correntropy measure which is a novel statistical similarity measure. I did another Post-Doc in 2017 (2 and a half years) at Geneva Observatory where I developed templates and a Matlab interface for the adaptive optics system of the Near Infrared Planet Searcher (NIRPS). NIRPS is an adaptive optics system based spectrograph installed on the 3.6m telescope in Chile.

I have interest in Electrical and Computer Engineering topics in general. More specifically, Machine Learning, Signal and Image Processing, Control Systems, among others. I really like to code and I do it either to work or to entertain myself.