Introduction In this post I’ll talk about one of the most amazing algorithms I ever came across. HashLife. I’m a bit suspicious to call this one the most amazing one because it deals with another thing that I find absolutely amazing. Game of Life (GoL for short). In short, HashLife is an algorithm that speeds … Read more

We take gears for granted…

Introduction Since I was a kid, I always loved toys with “moving parts”. In particular, I was always fascinated with the transmission of the movement between two parts of a toy. So, whenever a toy had “gears” in it, for me, it looked “sophisticated”. This fascination never ended and a couple of year ago when … Read more

Wavefront sensing

Introduction Wavefront sensing is the act of sensing a wave front. As useless as this sentence gets, it is true and we perform this action with a wavefronts sensor… But if you bare with me, I promise that its going to be one of the coolest mix of science and technology that you will hear … Read more

Simulating light!

Introduction In this post I’ll try to describe one of my favorite “weekend projects”. Although it took almost a month to finish, I still call it a weekend project because I never used it for any senior research. Since I graduated in Electrical Engineering, I always wanted to simulate what I think is THE most … Read more