Blender + Kinect

Introduction In this small project, I finally did what I was dreaming on doing since I started playing with the Kinect API. For those who don’t know what a Kinect is, it is a special “joystick” that Microsoft invented. Instead of holding the joystick, you move in front of it and it captures your “position”. … Read more

Information Theoretic Learning

Introduction Machine learning is a forever growing topic. Applications are overwhelmingly abundant. In this post I’ll talk about the learning process itself. In particular, about Information Theoretic Learning (ITL in short). To explain what this is, let me explain what learning means and what is the conventional way to do it. Basically, when someone refers … Read more

Wavefront sensing

Introduction Wavefront sensing is the act of sensing a wave front. As useless as this sentence gets, it is true and we perform this action with a wavefronts sensor… But if you bare with me, I promise that its going to be one of the coolest mix of science and technology that you will hear … Read more


Introduction This post is about health. Actually, its about a little project that implements a medical device called Uroflowmeter (not sure if that is the usual English word). Its a mouth full name to mean “little device that measures the flow of pee” (yes, pee as in urine 😇). Last year I had to perform … Read more

Simulating light!

Introduction In this post I’ll try to describe one of my favorite “weekend projects”. Although it took almost a month to finish, I still call it a weekend project because I never used it for any senior research. Since I graduated in Electrical Engineering, I always wanted to simulate what I think is THE most … Read more

WhatsApp memes with hidden beauty!

Introduction I love internet memes. They provide a funny way to convey a message or an idea. As a professor, I cherish all didactic mechanisms and anything that easy the acquisition or fixation of ideias and concepts. In fact, I find memes to be a very useful didactic tool. I might make a post only … Read more